Cameron Appel – Specialist Safari Guide and Wildlife Photographer.

I was very fortunate to grow up with a family that had a blinding passion for wildlife and conservation. From holidays in the Kruger National Park, Private Game Reserves and at my families lodge on the Olifants River, my passion for wildlife was mirrored by my dream of one day being a safari guide. This dream was eventually realised when I was as young as 20, and I have since guided at some of South Africa’s most exclusive lodges and private game reserves in the South Africa.

After a number of years guiding at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, I decided to elevated my experience by joining CC Africa (now &Beyond), and after completing my training at Phinda Private Game Reserve, I fulfilled my childhood dream and began guiding at Londolozi Private Game Reserve. A career highlight, working as a Leopard Specialist Guide, which involved guiding guests on Private Safaris focused on the history and research of the Leopards of Londolozi.
I worked closely with tracker extraordinaire, Simon Mhatebula, on this project and gained valuable knowledge and research on leopard behaviour and all things wild and wonderful from a man with 40 years worth of wilderness experience.

After successfully leading a private mountain bike safari in the Makuleke Concession (Pafuri) in the Northern Kruger National Park, and working with a wildlife film production company for National Geographic, I decided to explore broader opportunities and began guiding at Tswalu Kalahari. This created an opportunity for me to meet Sean Carter and Callum Sargent, and thus becoming affiliated with their company African-born Safaris, offering all my passion, knowledge and experience as a safari specialist and private guide.

Whether it’s photography, birding, discussing animal behaviour or sitting around an African bush fire sharing stories about lunging leopards, hyper-active hyenas or bashful buffalo, I enjoy being a multifaceted guide. My love for the wilderness and nature is a contagious blend of passion, humour and story telling which creates both amazing experiences and memories for my guests.


A collection of featured writings and stories, sharing my travels and experiences as a specialist safari guide

"It's not how you dress, it's how good you look going slowly."
Cycling Africa is not a new idea to the continent. Ever since a certain adventurer decided to circumnavigate Africa on his bicycle, the lure to be free on ones saddle while letting the African wilderness pass you by has always attracted some cycling enthusiasts… those while their soul connected deep within Africa.

"I was captured by the shear vastness of the landscape, shocked by the silence that echoes off the rolling sand dunes, and held to ransom by the length of every sunset."
It is said that guides are rewarded with sunsets, in the Kalahari, we are honoured by them. The sky seems to arrest every bit of light, and holds it from one end of the Earth to the other, allowing not a single particle to escape… forcing us to be drawn into its endlessness.