A sad story unfolds, as an old lioness slowly dies while her sister and cubs watch on.

We originally thought after finding her, that she had been bitten by a cape cobra, and she was reacting to the potent neurotoxins in the venom. But as it would turn out, old age had allowed parasitic worms to fester on her brain, causing these horrific violent attacks, and ultimately her death.
We watched a few more of these disturbing and emotional episodes, scenes as if she were fighting an invisible enemy, while her cubs and sister called in confusion and hesitantly moved around her. And then she succumbed, yielding to her attacker… an old warrior bowed her head, and slowly retreated back towards her now certain fate. (as seen in the photo below)

Please excuse some of the shoddy, shaky camera work mid-way, I was handing out tissues to my guests.


  1. Sean Carroll

    That video is heartbreaking and intriguing. Does it not seem that something comes out of the water and strikes her on the jaw in the first few seconds of the video?

    • Cameron

      Hi Sean, thanks for the comment 🙂
      She was thrashing around so much, but if you look closely, there was a dead tree branch that she landed on.
      Heartbreaking indeed. 🙁

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